What You Need to Know About Microblogging including the Microblogging Sites List

Search engine optimization is not enough when it comes to digital marketing. You need to employ other strategies to ensure you have a successful digital marketing campaign. You need blog commenting sites, forum submissions sites as well as other off page activities that can enhance your online presence. Microblogging is another strategy that you can employ to ensure that you share information with your ideal customers. Twitter is a good example of a microblogging site. When you check the microblogging sites list, you will find there are some sites you are familiar with or even using. Below is a brief discussion of microblogging sites.


What is microblogging?


This has become one of the main off page activities for online marketers. It involves sharing smaller content compared to blogs. The content can range from videos, links, images, small sentences among many other things. They are just small comments that can include knowledge, skills, advise, opinion or even just a feeling. You just submit the content on the microblogging sites. Most of the sites publish the content privately through text messaging, instant messaging and email.  We know that many people are using social media platforms and some of them are microblogging sites. It is a perfect way to reach a broad audience and that can help you a great deal in your marketing campaign.


Are microblogging sites easy to use?


This question is asked by many people and the answer to the question is very simple; yes. Many of the microblogging sites are easy to use as you need to have an account with any of the sites and it becomes easy to share information ranging from short video to links. Most of the site will give you an opportunity to write a short text to accompany images, videos and even links. The information shared on these platforms can easily be shared on other platforms enabling it to reach more audience. People have a chance to like, share or even retweet in case of twitter.


Is microblogging good for SEO?


This question is asked by many people who think microblogging is only for social life. It is good for SEO as you can share links to your website. That can enable you to get quality backlinks. Search engines will rank your site well if the site has many quality backlinks. Backlinks are used in indexing which can assist your website to get to the first page of search engines results. Microblogging has other benefits such as increasing brand awareness and can increase traffic to your site.


Top microblogging sites list


Before we look at microblogging sites list, it is important to note that microblogging sites help in exchanging of post and messages. It provides a great option of instant messaging which can help you interact with your prospects. With that, you will be able to know their interest and expectations. It is a good option for many people who don’t like to read or write long blog posts.


The list microblogging sites

ID Domain DA PA
1 Tumblr.com 73 99
2 https://posteezy.com 38 47
3 https://ello.co 79 64
4 https://traiborg.com 37 42
5 https://www.apsense.com 75 61
6 https://twitter.com/ 94 100
7 https://www.instapaper.com 87 70
8 https://www.reddit.com 91 90
9 https://www.scoop.it 93 74
10 Pinterest.com 94 95
11 https://www.pearltrees.com 86 70
12 https://getpocket.com 91 75
13 plurk.com 88 72
14 http://ttlink.com 55 59
15 http://scoophot.com 43 47
16 https://oyepin.com 24 37
17 https://www.unitymix.com 39 50
18 https://uniquethis.com 45 46
19 https://switter.at 46 46
20 https://www.okeynotes.com 37 47
21 http://www.soup.io 89 95
22 https://flipboard.com 91 70
23 https://voat.co 68 53
24 https://vk.com 96 86
25 https://www.ipinit.in 31 31
26 p-tweets.com 38 46
27 www.giikers.com 29 36
28 plerb.com 49 52
29 mee.nu 52 51
30 micro.blog 53 54
31 wibki.com 40 41
32 start.me 58 52
33 symbaloo.com 67 56
34 woddal.com 43 44
35 https://twit.social 23 23
36 bagtheweb.com 52 54